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The word "BATIK" occurs in Javanese as "Ambatik" which means drawing and writing.
Batik is an ancient craft and has been continuosly practiced in Java for centuries. It was in 1516 that travellers first brought back tales of highly artistic batik designs using wax on fabrics. At the close of the century, the technique was introduced to Europe and Africa.
Today, batik is very popular especially here in Africa due to its vibrant colours and exquisite effects. It has also become a handwork which is taught at some secondary schools to colleges and even private training centres.
To many, it's a source of hobby, pleasure and income as well as promoting tourism. No wonder batik fabrics have quickly moved into the fashion world even replacing machine prints.
In Ghana, traditional and royal symbols known as "Adinkra Symbols", for which each Symbol has its own meaning are mainly used to design the fabrics. It is also possible for the designer to create designs from his or her own imagination.
UNITEXT is a typical example of using this kind of imagination to work its individual designs. Now join us in our campaign to re-create more awareness of batik fabrics and thank you for your interest in our batik designs.
But always remember, when it's BATIK, it's "UNITEXT" and when it's "UNITEXT", it's BATIK.

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